Drones for 8 years old

8 drones for 8 years old

Nowadays, it isn’t hard to believe that children can pick up on technology much faster than your average adult. It, thus, comes as no shock that children will want to fly drones. Besides, when it comes to any kind of toy that gives them a new and unique experience, children are almost always fascinated.

Here is a list of some drones for 8 years old kids:


The WOBOX RC comes with a bunch of fun and exciting tools. It has a 2MP Camera (720p) that kids can really enjoy once they get to a decent height. It also comes with 4 different modes of sensitivity, which allows it to adapt to different preferences.

The WOBOX is kept very simple for kids so as to let them focus on flying the drone more than anything. Other features include a remote control of 2.4 GHz, with one button for returning to the takeoff position, which is meshed with the compass. The WOBOX RC also comes with a six-axis gyroscope to shift position precisely and offers various other functions such as back, front and 360-degree flips as well as hovering.

Mota JETJAT Live-W

This agile and sophisticated drone is the perfect gift for your child. With a six-axis gyroscope, various modes to fly in for different skill levels and 8 minutes of airtime, the JETJAT Live-W is a special toy with a good number of features to keep your child interested.

Another great thing about the JETJAT is that it does not need permission by the FAA to be flown! It also comes with a lithium battery of 540 mAh, making it simple to change. What’s more is that you can be notified when the battery is low via the LED lights placed on it. The JETJAT’s package also comes with extra propellers, a USB wire and a manual.

QCopter Quadcopter

One of the top ones available today, the QCopter is quickly becoming a kids’ favorite. With an impressive battery life of 30 minutes on airtime, it also comes with a spare battery for interrupted fun.

It has a special build, which makes it operational at higher altitudes in comparison to other drones for kids, and even allows control via phones. The QCopter also comes equipped with an FPV Camera from which kids can easily zoom in and out of the images.

All in all, if your child is fascinated with drones, this is a great gift for them.

Contixo F3 RC Quadcopter

This one is capable of automatically flying to a designated location entered into its system via a smartphone. It comes with a G-sensor that aids in controlling and directing the location and sensors that check for air pressure and adjust the copter accordingly in order to take better photographs and record videos clearly. other features that make it one of the easier drones to operate.

Like the WOBOX RC, this too carries one button for takeoff and landing.

Contixo Mini Pocket Drone

The Contixo Mini is an exciting purchase because it can be easily carried everywhere. Its six-axis gyroscope makes for improved safety while flying. With a 360-degree movement sphere and 3 different speed settings, this is the perfect drone to introduce your child to drones.

What’s even more fun about this little piece is its relatively longer battery life and a higher flight range (about 200 feet) than most full-sized ones.

GP – NextX F2C Aviax Quadcopter

This quadcopter comes with an HD camera that allows video in 1080p and pictures in 720p and a 4GB SD card for an ideal photography and video-making experience. It comes with the six-axis gyro and a battery of 650 mAh made from Li-polymer for high airtime.

The easy controls are a definite winner, especially when they come with wind-resilient flight ability. It also offers sideward, forward and backward flying and 360-degree movement span among other tricks. These features enable this quadcopter to perform in different conditions with consistency.

Hover-Way Alpha Drone

The Hover-Way Alpha Drone brings a lot of exciting features that kids can thoroughly enjoy, such as the 480p camera for clear videos and photos. Photography and video-making are made even simpler by introducing one button for both functions. Even more convenient is the 8 GB of space available to use.

It is also rated as one of the easiest drones to operate, which makes it perfect for beginners. The automatic hovering with speed adjustment and navigation all make it that much simpler to use. Additionally, it can perform stunts, rolls, and flips.

This drone is equipped with a wireless remote to easily operate in any weather setting and batteries that offer a staggering total of 20 minutes of airtime. This is significantly higher than most drones currently in the market.

This gadget also comes with additional 2 blades, 3 batteries with more minutes of airtime, an extra memory card worth 8 GB and a charging cable.


Another quadcopter, the DeeXop-Babrit is a triple threat. It functions like a car and drone and can also run on walls! During the car mode, it will utilize all 4 of its wheels, while in the climbing mode, it will use 2 wheels.

The six-axis gyroscopes and accelerometers and four-motor drive significantly improve its agility, which makes it much easier to control. It can perform 3D flips in all possible directions and can operate within 50 to 100 meters. Offered flight duration is 8 minutes and takes around 2 hours to charge.

This drone is easy to maintain and use because of its superior design. The HD camera adds to the fun, which is accompanied by an SD card for uninterrupted fun. Although designed with the intent to keep it for children over the age of 14, reviews show that it is just as friendly for children around the age of 8.


So, there you have it: a list of drones for 8-year-olds to choose from. Get them today and surprise your kid with a unique experience!

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