Aerial photography made easy with drones with live video

The world is beautiful in its entirety. Ask any photographer and they will tell you how no photo they take can do justice to the beauty of nature. Compared to olden days, we have gotten better at capturing nature in all its majesty. One way we have been able to do so is by using a drone camera with live video.

Drones with live video have made it possible for us to view nature from a new angle. Now, rather than merely looking through the lens, you can have the lens hover over your head. You can also watch the coverage in real time using a drone webcam live video. Here are some tips about drones and the best drones for aerial photography.

Top drone cameras with live video

Are you looking for drones with live video and camera? If so, here are few options you should consider:

DJI Inspire 1

Individuals who are testing the waters with aerial photography should give DJI Inspire a try. This drone is ideal for beginners since it is affordable. However, this means that it is not equipped with a lot of features.

For someone who is looking for drones with live video, they will find this drone satisfactory due to following features:

  • It has a 4K camera and a gimbal for camera stabilization.
  • The range is 2 km.
  • The vision positioning system used in the drone enhances the quality of the videos shot.
  • The resolution of the recording is 4096x2160p at 25fps or 1920x1080p at 60fps.


Moving up the scale of skills, someone who is a bit better at aerial photography will like this drone. Yuneec allow you to have the drone webcam live video experience through its ultra-high resolution.  It is considered to be one of the best drones for aerial photography.

Major specifications include the following:

  • The camera resolution is 4K at 30 fps and 1080p at 120 fps.
  • The memory offered is 12 MP.
  • The no distortion lens ensures that each shot you take is stable and authentic.
  • The gimble system further ensures camera stabilization.
  • You can view a live feed of the video via its ST10+ Ground Station display. This makes it ideal for drone webcam live video.
  • You can control setting like video resolution, white balance, contrast and white light exposure.
  • The photos can be saved in the format of both .jpeg and RAW DNG.

Blade Chroma

Are you merely looking for a drone on which you can fix a camera? If so, you can buy Blade Chroma. Aerial photography doesn’t necessarily have to be from a built-in drone camera. Instead, you can install a go pro to a drone as well.

However, the drone you choose should be compatible with such add-ons. Blade Chroma manages to deliver this compatibility. Specifications include the following:

  • The flight boundaries are flexible.
  • You can track your drone via the GPS.
  • You can simply make it follow you rather than operating it yourself.
  • It is customizable as you can add both go pros or a stabilized camera to it.
  • It gives you the autonomy to choose a transmitter as well.
  • The use of GLONASS allows the drone to deliver an accurate performance.

Settings to look out for in a drone camera with live video

There are various other drones in the market as well. How do you go about choosing the best one for aerial photography?

Well, in aerial photography, the quality of the camera is what matters the most. Here are a few camera features you should be aware of. You should make a point of seeing whether your chosen items have these features:

Optical Zoom

To say that no camera today would be without a zoom lens would not be an exaggeration. It is one of the basic functions of a camera. It goes without saying that you must select a camera which has sufficient zooming capabilities. This will allow you to take close shots of pictures without getting too close to it. Drones can be dangerous when flown too low. A high zoom will allow you to take breath-taking pictures without putting anyone in danger.

Shutter Speed

When it comes to aerial photography, no other specification is as important as the shutter speed of the built-in or attached camera. Shutter speed refers to the amount of light that reaches the digital image. For authentic and professional aerial shots, a camera with a shutter speed between 1/500th to 1/1000th of a second is needed. DJI Phantom 3 succeeds in delivering excellent photos because of its shutter speed.

Stabilization features

One of the things you would have noticed about our top picks is that each of them had a stabilization system embedded in the product. All quality drones have this feature. It is also one of the basic things you should look out for. If you invest in a Mavic Pro, Micro Four Thirds or a Walkera, you will get a stabilization system in the product. A stabilization system is what ensures that the pictures you take are not blurry. For someone who is a professional photographer, this makes all the difference.

ISO Settings

ISO Settings refer to the ability of the camera to capture shots in varying lighting conditions. A high ISO allows you to take photos in dark. It does so without using a flash since flash tends to ruin picture quality. However, since aerial photography is about resolution, the lower the ISO, the better the shots.


You might have thought that aerial photography is simple. It is anything but. The beautiful pictures you see online are not easy to replicate. A quality drone does make it easy though. Hence, invest in one if you are passionate about photography.

It is true that drones are expensive. However, there are quite a lot of cheap options available too. They might not deliver the best quality. On the other hand, they will be enough to get you started. Once you are sure that you are good at aerial photography, you can buy a better one. The choice is yours.

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