A beginner’s guide to buying a suitable drone

What should you worry about when buy a suitable drone? It depends. Actually, there are several things that you should pay attention to when buying a drone, first place in the list is represented by its specifications. Nowadays more and more good quality drones are being sold, but distinguish good ones from lousy ones is everything but easy.

This is why we will tell you some tips in order to venture in the thick jungle of all the existing drones with some good knowledge.

1. Drone specifications

Now there are many drones that have good features. One of the features that are booming right now is the auto take-off and auto landing. If you are still a beginner, you should consider buy a suitable drone that has the feature. Some people experience more difficulties with take-off or landing than with the flight itself. This is why this feature could be very handy, because if you are not good with that at the beginning, you can still fly it.

2. Check which distance range the drone can reach

The operating distance between drones and their remotes varies depending on the transmission and receiver specifications. Some have a range of only 300 m while some others can even go up to 7 km! If you are still a beginner you shouldn’t really focus on buy a suitable drone that has a huge flying range, because your point is to learn to use it and control it while is not too moving far away. At the beginning it’s really important to keep the eyes on your flying buddy to avoid unpleasant circumstances. You can also buy a drone that is already equipped with a GPS that features autopilot, so the drone will fly back to the starting point if the battery is running low.

3. With or without camera?

The quality of the built-in camera is really important because it affects not only the quality of the pictures that you will shoot, but it can also influence how easily you will control your long-range drone when it is not in direct sight. You should choose the quality of the drone camera according to the purpose you are willing to buy your drone. If it’s not merely to have fun, you are proficient in photography and taking aerial pictures fulfills an important role, then you can choose a drone with a good quality camera. Many drones have built-in cameras which range from the most basic HD models to the latest 4K resolution devices. 

4. Battery weight and specifications

When purchasing a drone you also need to look at the battery specifications and its weight. As one would expect, battery life and weight influence the drone’s flying time and its maneuverability. Drones that have a little battery capacity can fly for about 15-30 minutes, and are normally lighter and easier to control, but also more vulnerable to drafts. If you want to let your drone fly for a longer time you should consider to buy one that has at least one battery backup sold in bundle with the drone, so you can still fly it when the first battery runs out. Charging a drone battery takes normally quite long, let’s say an average of a couple of hours. That’s why you should buy some battery backup if you don’t want to limit your fun.

5. Last but not least: your budget

And then it comes the price, obviously. Now more than ever the price might represent an issue, because more and more quality drones come into the market everyday. But no worries! The choice is so broad that you will surely find the drone which matches your budget and specs expectations. It’s just a matter of time & good research: we are here to help!

It falls right in line that if you are looking for something with top gamma specifications you can’t be tight with your wallet. There are drones that are sold without any add-on and camera unit, so you can buy and assemble those accessories in a second time, cutting the first expense. Said that, you should also consider that if you are not looking for a pro-device there are many drones that have been equipped with a built-in camera from the factory, which is usually a cheaper solution than a stand-alone camera bought later on.

Again, it depends on the goals you want to achieve when buy a suitable drone. Is it only for fun? Is it for fun and some random aerial pictures? Or is it mainly to take professional pictures and videos from above? You are the only one who knows the answer!

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