Drones: know the basics

Drones have been quite the rage in the market for the past few years. There was a time when the best drones with GPS and a camera came at a premium price.  Now, tables have turned. You can find drones with cameras and GPS across various price ranges. Regardless of whether you are looking for cheap drones with GPS or one for professional use, you won’t have difficulty in finding one.

Before you get your hands on a drone, it is important for you to know as much about drones as possible. After all, even if their prices have decreased, drones still demand a considerable share of your wallet.

What is a drone?

In layman and simple terms, a drone is defined as an aircraft which is able to fly without a pilot. In military lingo, it is commonly known as an unmanned aerial vehicle. Previously, the use of drones was limited to military purposes where the device was sent to dangerous places. However, now drones are used by average citizens as well.

Uses of drones with cameras and GPS

The introduction of drones with cameras and GPS features has given a whole new dimension to drone usage. Here are a few ways in which you can use a drone:

Aerial photography

Let’s begin with the most obvious non-military use of a drone. Now that you can attach cameras to it, drones can be used for taking magnificent pictures. Gone are the days when your DSLR and cool hand-held cameras were the only trending gadgets. Now, you can use a drone to not only take pictures but also film a video from a unique third-person angle.

Slowly, aerial photography is becoming very popular. You can find events like Olympics as well as real estate agents using aerial shots for the oomph effect.

Disaster management

With the help of a GPS and a camera, you can decide exactly where you want the drone to go. Additionally, the camera lets you see a video coverage as well. If you are looking for such a product, you might want to try DJI Mavic Air.

Drones like DJI can be used to assess the extent of damage after a disaster strikes. This allows you to go into areas which are blocked to ensure that no one is left behind under debris. The field of view provided by these drones can save lives and ensure that the rescuers don’t waste time looking at the wrong places for signs of life.

Monitoring agriculture

Farmers have been a major market for the agriculture industry. Growing crops is not as easy as it seems. If you do it on a huge scale, monitoring it all becomes very difficult for farmers. This is where a drone comes in. A drone, which is equipped with both a camera and a GPS can be flown over private lands to assess the health of the crop.

Many find using a drone to look over crops to be a source of convenience. It allows you to save on manpower as well as time. Also, the fact that you don’t need to get yourself dirty by working in the field all day long is a bonus.


Last but not the least, you can use a drone to have fun. Just like a remote-control helicopter, a drone can be used in your leisure time. If you are a beginner and are looking for cheap drones with GPS, buying UDI UBIBA will suffice.

However, not all hobbyists are categorized as beginners. Instead, some of you might have the skill set to try more complex drones as well. Such souls will find Phantom 4 Pro to be a dream come true. It is equipped with 4k video and other value-added features. It is considered to one of the best drones with GPS and a camera.

Are drones safe to use?

The idea of a drone seems exciting. But, for the sake of your safety and everyone around you, you must be careful when using this device. Since it has blades, if a drone hits someone, it can cause injury.

Some drones are equipped with rotor protecting shields. Regardless of whether your drone has this shield or not, it Is better to stay cautious when using a drone. Here are some safety tips you should live by.

  • Try not to fly your gadget directly above people and animals. You can never be too sure when you lose control of the device. Flying it too close to someone can put them in danger.
  • Make a habit of thoroughly checking your drone before you start operating it. Focus on the condition of the rotors. Also, make sure the motor is running smoothly. You wouldn’t want the drone to fall.
  • Whenever you buy a new drone, take some time to learn about it. Understand how its transmitter work. Take it for a test spin in an isolated area. This holds true even if you are a professional.
  • If you are around people who are afraid of the idea of drones, put the gadget away. Safety isn’t just about physical health. It is your duty to ensure that you don’t cause anyone emotional harm as well.


All in all, drones are an excellent innovation. However, everything can yield negative effects if you are not cautious. Therefore, make sure you use your drone camera carefully. Read up on the flying laws of your country before you start flying your beloved gadget.

The best part about drones is that there are options available for everyone. This includes children and professionals alike. All the professionals out there should give options like DJI Inspire 2, Zenmuse X5S and Phantom 4 Pro a try. Anyone looking for a comparatively cheap drone with camera and GPS will find Parrot Bebop 2 to be an excellent choice.

Whichever drone you choose, make sure you assess your skill level before selecting one. Choosing your drone wisely will allow you to reap maximum benefits out of it. Begin flying. Have fun.

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