Drones that can carry things

Heavy lifting: drones that can carry things

Since the use of drones in everyday life has increased substantially in the past few years, it is only natural that people start finding other uses for them. Apart from being able to take photographs, make videos, and collect data for research in various sectors, drones have been used for many other purposes. As these uses diversify, these machines are evolving to include lifting in their repertoire. Drones that can carry things!

drones that can carry things
Drones can carry… everything!

Lifting for a drone is very important nowadays. In almost every field of work that it is employed in, it is now required to carry things from one point to another which may not be possible to cover otherwise. For example, navigating through rainforests, rivers and other harsh terrain may not be possible without one. Sometimes, when shooting for a movie, heavy equipment may be used for a shot in a dangerous location. Hence, drones need an upgrade.

If you are trying to find drones that can carry things, you’re in luck. Here is a list of some of the heavy lifting drones from the best manifacturers, followed by their details:

1. DJI Matrice 600 Pro

The Matrice 600 Pro is an upgraded version of the Matrice 100 and, of course, 600. The manufacturer, DJI, is famous for its products and has a stellar reputation in the market for putting out great machines. It is equipped with professional aerial photographic gear, smart batteries, and an energy management system with a proficient cooling system built with motors. It also comes with dust-resistant propelling systems which ensure that it performs well despite obstacles due to climatic challenges.

It also has an A3 flight controller, which automatically controls flight parameters, and the best UAV technology. What is even more impressive is that any professional camera may be attached onto the Matrice 600 Pro. It comes with Lightbridge 2 software as well, which is useful for any filmmaker or photographer.

It offers USB, HDMI and 3G-SGI ports, 1080p streaming, and an app to check for updates and has a lift capacity of up to 34 pounds! Not only do these features make it an exceptional choice, but its lift capacity also makes it one of the best drones to date.

2. DJI Spreading Wings S1000

The Spreading Wings S1000 is an exceptional drone. It is an octocopter that weighs no more than 4 kg but has the lift capacity of 11 kg. For 15 complete minutes, it can stay suspended in the air with a weight of 7 kg!

Like the Matrice 600 Pro, the S1000 can accommodate many gadgets such as the Zenmuse Z15 and Canon 5D Mark III, which combine to give the greatest photographic results possible right now.

Moreover, the S1000 comes with its very own landing equipment, wings and Lightbridge. It also works well with many transmitters, but for the best possible results, it comes highly recommended with DJI’s A2.

3. Yuneec Tornado H920 for lifting stuff

Yuneec’s Tornado H920 is one of the smaller drones. With exceptional features that include the GB603 Gimbal with the Panasonic GH4 camera, the Tornado H920 is one great aerial photographer. Its build is perfectly tailored to the kind of work it is used for.

Arguably, one of its best features is the Android tablet transmitter that sits at its top. This give the Tornado live monitoring feed and OSD information.

Apart from the features described above, the Tornado H920 comes with its own retractable landing equipment and automatic flight properties including return home, takeoff, landing, folding arms and even air pressure sensing abilities.

With all the equipment it carries, it can stay in the air for approximately 25 minutes. Compared to some others, the Tornado H920 cannot lift as much, but its special features make for a unique drone experience.

4. DJI Agras MG-1

Once again, another one of DJI’s machines has made the list. The Agras MG-1 is quite a unique piece. Particularly used for farming, the MG-1 can carry up to 10 kg of any liquid that crops might need.

The reason very few drones can come close to the MG-1 in efficiency is due to its spraying feature. It can spray 50 times faster than any type of manual method. Not only does this make it a reliable machine to invest in, but it also decreases the overall time it would normally take to finish a task such as this one.

The reason the MG-1 can perform so well is because it has been built to exude strength and agility. At the rate it sprays, the MG-1 can cover 7 to 10 acres per hour! This astounding ability has made the MG-1 a frontrunner in agricultural must-haves.

All in all, DJI has yet again produced a resilient machine that is unique to most of its counterparts. They are also providing official training with the purchase.

5. Freefly Systems ALTA 8

Rated the best drone in the world, the ALTA 8 by manifacturer Freefly Systems is a special beauty. When it comes to artificial intelligence, there is none better than the ALTA 8, and it is the only drone in the world that can carry 18 kilograms or 40 pounds!

If this wasn’t surprising enough, it is also the most foldable drone on the planet. It can reduce its size by 50% when folded, which makes it the easiest drone to travel with.

The ALTA 8 is geared toward filmmakers and photographers, so it carries some of the best software and hardware available in the market today. Also, it comes with SkyView technology, which allows the pilot to move and record swiftly. The GPS system also makes it very convenient to locate even in harsh weather conditions, especially when conjoined with Freefly’s IMU and barometer.

The ALTA 8 has even more shocking things to display. It comes with a SYNAPSE flight controller which has the ability to collect data from the GPS, barometer and accelerometer and combine their information to give a full-fledged flight mode with a high bandwidth. Other features include automatic return home and landing.

This concludes our list of drones that can carry things. Which drone did you like the most?

Dimensions (unfolded)

Weight (batteries related)

Max. weight with load

Manifacturer warranty


Matrice 600


1668 x 1518 x 727 mm

9.5-10 kg

15.5 kg

24 months


Spreading Wings 1000

1045 x 511 x 305 mm

4.2 kg

11 kg

24 months


Tornado H920

969 x 849 x 461 mm

2.49 kg

4.9 kg

6 months


Agras MG-1

1471 x 1471 x 482 mm

8.8 kg

24.5 kg

24 months

Freefly Systems


762 x 762 x 533 mm 

6.2 kg

18.1 kg

12 months

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