Helicopter drone kit buying guide

Whether you’re a drone hobbyist, an aerial videographer, a wildlife tracker, a land surveyor, or a construction site mapper, having a personal Helicopter Drone kit is a blessing. Drones offer amazing views and they offer a cheap way to do aerial videography no matter what the purpose is. RC Helicopter drones have become very popular because of their countless features and advanced technology. If you’re thinking to buy a camera helicopter drone, this is the best post to start with because here we’ll guide you on how to buy the best RC helicopter drones according to your requirements.

How to buy a helicopter drone kit

If you are new to the drone hobby, you may face some difficulty in choosing the right drone for you according to your preferences. The market is full of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) but not all of them will offer you the best flying experience because everyone has a different choice. Drones are designed to last for years and it is important to make an informed decision before buying them. There are a number of factors that should be considered before flying a drone. Following is a list of things you should consider before buying a suitable helicopter drone kit:

1.    Environment for flying the drone

The first thing you should consider before flying RC helicopter drones is the area where you’re planning to fly it. If you want to fly the drone outdoors, it is better to go for a large and stable one which could withstand the winds. For indoor flying, small drones are preferred and they can be used for outdoor flying too but only when there is no wind outside. Some drones are designed to be used for indoor and outdoor environment both. Quadcopter manufacturers always mention the factors that are going to affect the flying experience so it is important to consider that.

2.    Experience level

Buying RC helicopter drones largely depends on the level of experience of the user. If you’re a beginner, you won’t be able to fly the professional and high-end helicopter drone kit. Beginners should go with those UAVs that have a headless mode and features such as the auto take off one which can assist in flying. However, professional drone flyers and hobbyists won’t enjoy flying such drones and they won’t go for the cheap ones. Auto-take off and auto-landing features are good for beginners and kids. If you’re a hobbyist you must consider the drones from DJI because they design quadcopters especially for the hobbyists.

3.    Type of drone

There are different types of drone available on the market and it is imperative to consider their features. Some helicopter drones are RTF (Ready To Fly) while others are the DIY ones which require proper assembly. The RTF drones are excellent for beginners as they come pre-assembled but they are more expensive than the DIY ones. A DIY helicopter drone kit is good for hobbyists who are keen to know more about the parts and components and assemble the drone themselves. For these types of drone, you’ll have to figure out each problem yourself and fix the parts according to the instructions given. DIY helicopter drone kit requires more time but if you want to learn how this UAV works, it is worth spending each minute.

4.    Material

Drones are made up of different materials according to their cost. The cheap helicopter drone kits are made up of ABS plastic while the more expensive and luxury ones are made up of carbon and fiberglass. Some drones are also made up of aluminum but they are not very good in quality. RC helicopter drones made up of carbon and fiberglass are very durable and they have a luxury look and premium feel too. If you are tight on budget, you must choose a drone with a good quality ABS plastic.

5.    Flight duration

Flight duration is another important factor to consider if you’re planning to buy a helicopter drone kit. Some drones can fly for max 5 minutes which is too less for a hobbyist. Some of the best RC helicopter drones available on the market have a flying time of around 20 to 25 minutes but they are very expensive too. Some drone manufacturers even provide extra batteries and options to switch between them when one battery is empty. Besides the flight duration, you must be concerned about the charging time of the battery too. The expensive drones are equipped with large batteries who can charge immediately and thus they are very handy.

6.    Range

The range of a drone is the distance at which you can control the device with the remote control. This factor is of importance for those people who want to use a camera helicopter drone for videography. Aerial videos and photos have to be captured from great heights and for this a drone with big range is suitable only. For aerial photography, the drones with a range of only 30 meters won’t be suitable so you should go for longer ranges.

7.    Camera

Camera helicopter drone is very popular among drone-enthusiasts. This drone can capture breath-taking pictures and videos from a long distance. Some drones are even called selfie drones as they allow the user to take amazing selfies from a distance. If you are a serious photographer or videographer, you must consider a camera helicopter drone with a 4K option.


RC helicopter drones are one of the most popular gadgets and many people are buying them to enjoy flying it. There is a wide variety of helicopter drones available and your choice will depend upon a number of factors given above. Your choice will largely depend on how expert you are in flying a drone and how much time you want it to keep flying in the air. If you’re buying a drone for the first time, you might end up choosing a wrong drone for yourself but only then you’ll realize the type of drone you need according to your requirements.

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