Horizon hobbies RC Airplanes

The Horizon Hobby RC Airplanes are your one-stop shop to conquer the air. They come with an extensive range of planes from scales planes and warbirds to aerobatic and 3D planes. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Horizon Hobby has all sorts of aircraft for you. Here are some of their popular RC airplanes.

UMX Aero Commander BNF Basic with AS3X

The lightweight, twin-engine civil aircraft has all the efficiency and comfort that an aero commander can offer. The airplane comprises the brushless twin motor power of 3000Kv, which makes a dramatic maneuver and leaping into the air. It features the AS3X stabilization technology to reduce turbulence and smooth harsh wind effects. Moreover, it lets you glide your plain like a pro. The accurate precision and stability it offers are not much different than a large plane.

The steerable nose wheel and removable landing gears make it easy to fly from smooth surfaces. The landing gear can be removed if you wish to land on grass, without having to use the tools. Longer flights can be achieved by using the 2S 450mAh LiPo battery pack.

The UMX Aero Commander is pre-assembled. You can fly it as soon as it comes out of the box. The Spektrum 2.4GHZ technology binds it to the 4+ channel DSM2/DSMX transmitter to enable smooth flying.

Ultra Stick 30cc ARF 81

The Ultra Stick 30cc ARF 81 offers outstanding performance and smooth gliding through the air. It features expanded flight envelope that helps to minimize turbulence and make your flying experience all the more fun. The airplane is covered in genuine ultracote offering high quality and a lasting built.

The trail dragger landing gear gives the plane a sportier look. It features plug-in wings that allow easy assembly and transportability. The plywood balsa construction makes for a strong and sturdy built for a long-lasting life. It comprises beveled control surfaces and has finished fiberglass wheel pants that match the ultracote colors.

The Ultra stick 30cc ARF 81 features an Evolution 33GX Gasoline Engine. This airplane is compatible with the HAN236C. It also includes float ready hardpoints for mounting the hangar that is built in the fuselage. The approximate flying time is six minutes and a wingspan of 80.75”.


Another amazing airplane from Horizon Hobby is X-VERT VTOL BNF. It offers sports plane agility and multirotor versatility. The airplane can be hand-launched and offers a smooth flying experience, much like you are flying a large plane. The length of the airplane is 10.40 inches. It features a powerful brush motor for a powerful performance. The motor is compatible with about 2S 450-800mAh LiPo batteries. The EPO airframe is lightweight yet highly durable. The airplane features a colorful decal sheet that has multiple trim scheme options. You can easily fly the plane right after you open the box.

The vertical fins and propeller guards can be easily removed or installed. It has a simple and sleek design that helps to achieve forward and vertical flight. It features three flight modes, Multirotor stability mode, Airplane stability mode, and Airplane Acro Mode with AS3X Technology. The pilot-friendly flight envelope is wide and allows the pilot predictable responses, no matter what the speed is. The box includes X-VERT VTOL Airplane, 3-in-1 Receiver/ESC/Flight Controller Unit, BL280 2600Kv Brushless outrunner motor, and a user manual.

Super Scorpion PNP, 90mm EDF Jet

This fierce-looking plane features a cockpit set, landing gear, vertical stabilizer, main wing, and horizontal stabilizer. The jet offers a powerful performance. It has a flying weight of 3200g and measures 1320mm in length. It features a 90mm EDF, a brushless motor, and 1900Kv motor. For field operations or grass landing, the plane includes wide track landing gears.

The 12-blade EDF sound adds to the overall flying experience. For reliability and precision, the metal gear servos do the job quite well. The Super Scorpion PNP features new control horns along with linkages for improved precision. It includes a high-quality Predator 130A ESC with 10A UBEC. The bright orange color makes it attractive and look fantastic in the air.

UMX F-27 Evolution BNF Basic with AS3X

The UMX F-27 Evolution BNF is the fastest ultra micro airplane. It features a powerful 3000Kv brushless motor for an incredible performance and smooth gliding. The motor is compatible with 3s Lipo batteries to offer you enhanced speed and vertical performance.

The plane has a durable construction. The EPO construction is combined with damage-resistant rubber nose for a sturdy built. The UMX F-27 comes pre-assembled. You can fly it as soon as you open the box. It features a Spektrum 2.4GHz technology that binds with the 5+ channel DSMX/DSM2 transmitter. It offers automatic self-leveling with angle limits to fly the plane successfully even if you are a new RC pilot.

Carbon Cub S+ 1.3m RTF

The Carbon Club S+ 1.3m RTF is a versatile and easy-to-fly RC plane. It is equipped with Horizon Hobby’s innovative SAFE Plus GPS-enabled drone technology. If you are a new pilot, it will take you only a few attempts to master flying this plane.

It has an RTF Spektrum™ DXe 2.4GHz Transmitter that is bound to the aircraft. The oversized Tundra tires let you operate it on gravel paths, thick grass, dirt trails, and multiple other surfaces as well. It features optional flaps for a smooth flying experience along with optional floats in case of water landing. The SafePlus feature lets you pause the flight by putting the plane in the GPS-Guided pattern. If you lose sight of the plane, the SafePlus technology returns its flight level.

Final thoughts

Horizon Hobby features an extensive range of RC airplanes that pilots of all levels can operate. These planes are of high quality and feature powerful brushless motors for enhanced performance. The sleek and slim design and smooth gliding features would definitely make you want to buy your own RC airplane.



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