Personal Uses for Drones in Your Everyday Life

Consumer data shows that revenue figures for the years 2016/17 reached $953 million for civilian drones alone. This means approximately 2.8 million drones were sold during these years. According to research, sales of drones will go up to a total of $12 billion by 2021, when these gadgets will be used for film-making, recording, still photography and gaming by the average person.

If you didn’t know, drones have been used over the years for a variety of purposes. The commercial drone technology became popular in 2015 when the Federal Aviation Administration passed legislation for legalizing its use in the United States. In addition to commercial usage, drones are now being extensively used for military purposes as well. However, the focus of this article remains on identifying the various personal uses for drones, which have been identified as follows:

1. Delivery drones

In December 2016, Amazon made its very first customer delivery through a drone. The trend is likely to continue as Domino’s and Amazon see the potential in drone delivery for urgent, next-day service. It does more than simply deliver on time; it delivers in style too! Imagine how much shipping and delivery costs all of this tends to cut down in the process. Moreover, your package won’t be lost in transit and the chances of it being damaged by other heavier cargo are also mitigated.

2. Journalism. Drones with video

Another one of the personal uses for drones is in the field of journalism. Most journalism students are now enrolling in drone flying lessons in order to use these sophisticated devices for snapping photographs, making videos and investigative reporting. The utility of drones in high-risk areas, especially war zones, will be far-reaching in the years to come.

3. Life Support

The ongoing application of drones spans delivering life support tools and equipment to victims. These drones will be used for delivering medication, defibrillators and other first-aid requirements in areas that would otherwise be difficult to reach on time. These extra few minutes can save a number of lives that are currently lost due to traffic jams and the like. In life-threatening situations, patients do not have too much time to wait before medical help arrives.

4. Monitoring Wildlife with Drones

Another personal use for drones is wildlife monitoring or photography. The beautiful, up-close shots that you see on National Geographic and Animal Planet are mostly taken through drones. It would otherwise be quite risky for the photographer to bring a camera too close to a venomous cobra or viciously hungry tiger. Moreover, endangered species can be monitored from a distance with the aid of drones.

5. Farming. Monitor plants

Drones have another really important use for farmers. During days when they cannot visit their farms, they can simply send special drones to monitor plants and see how the harvest is looking so far. Technology can really revolutionize the lives of these hard-working farmers who have to look after large farms, working all day long, for nothing but a day’s worth of wage.

6. Covering Events

This is probably the most common use of drones in the present time. Drones can be seen at sporting events, award shows, wedding functions and other similar events for making videos, capturing photos and providing a live coverage of the event from all angles. These devices are particularly useful for capturing certain sports such as soccer and cricket that would otherwise be quite a challenge to capture with traditional cameras. Have you seen the shots from the recent Olympics Games? That’s mostly covered by drones!

7. Getting Close to Celebrities

You often find red carpet events such as the Grammys, Emmys, and Oscars where the sky is covered in drones. The idea behind such a coverage is to get close-up shots of favorite celebrities walking the red carpet. You couldn’t possibly get any closer to Beyoncé at a red carpet event, surpassing all those muscular and athletic bouncers, now, could you? That’s where your drone comes in handy!

8. Art & Film

Drones can be really useful for art students as well. These devices can help students take photographs, make videos and have live coverage of almost anything they find interesting. The use of drones has gone up in the recent times owing to how simple it has become to capture photos from above without getting on a helicopter. These have been utilized by cinematographers when they incorporate landscape cinematography and amazing overhead shots in movies and TV series.

9. Hunting

Here’s another personal use for drones. An engineer has designed a heat-sensing camera drone to catch feral dogs at night. The drone is known as ‘Dehogaflier.’ These types of drones can be used for hunting without wasting too much of your precious time looking for the right prey. However, the use of drones for anti-hunting practices has also gone up. These are being used by the League Against Cruel Sports to mitigate illegal fox hunting in the area.

10. Atmospheric Research

The use of drones for atmospheric research has also risen in the recent times. Scientists are increasingly using drones to understand water vapor and ozone interaction in the air. Moreover, NASA has been sending drones to keep an eye on the ozone layer. This extensive research and study will help NASA determine the intensity of the situation now and in the years to come.


In addition to the uses mentioned above, there are several unusual uses for drones as well. For instance, you can get party drones, drones for dry cleaning, drones for pizza delivery, or drones to chase tornadoes for a live coverage.

This list goes on and on because people have found many convenient uses for these smart gadgets. They are also being deployed by the military for assisting rescue teams, inspecting buildings and protecting national borders. Hence, the future of these sophisticated yet handy devices is looking incredibly bright!

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